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Aurora links

Alaska science links

Space weather links

Sun links

Earth science, general science links

Satellite links

  • NOAA POES satellite site - images and movies of the auroral oval from instruments aboard the Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite.
    • Aurora viewing: interactive magnetic latitude finder map and Kp chart
  • NASA's POLAR spacecraft - website for the general public with images and movies of the auroral oval plus links to information about the different instruments aboard.
  • CANOPUS site - auroral oval data acquisition and processing by the Canadian Space Agency.
  • TRACE satellite site - TRACE "explores the magnetic field in the solar atmosphere" and takes really cool movies of explosions on the Sun's surface. Pictures, movies, satellite information.

People links

  • Sydney Chapman Page - by the Geophysical Institute. Biography, articles on his works, and collection of personal anecdotes by friends and colleagues.
  • James A. Van Allen - "What is a Space Scientist? An Autobiographical Example." Detailed article which originally appeared in Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences.
  • Fridtjof Nansen - a short biography - a multi-page biography by Chr.A.R. Christophersen. Covers Nansen's childhood, adventures as a young explorer, and his work as an important diplomat.
  • The Fate of Franklin - website about Sir John Franklin, a modern search for the lost ships, and Franklin links. Lots of pictures.

  • Worldbook Polar Explorers - informative articles about Amundsen, Byrd, Peary by Worldbook.

  • Robert W. Service original homepage - site devoted to Robert Service, includes poems and biography.

Miscellaneous links

  • SeaWiFS Biosphere Globe Generator - by Gene Carl Feldman. Choose your latitude, longitude, season and other variables to create a colorful custom globe.
  • Visible Earth - by NASA's Earth Observatory. A huge searchable collection of science-related images and animations including a number of shots of the aurora from space.
  • Aurora's Northern Nights - Jan Curtis' website contains a plethora of beautiful aurora photographs.
  • Aurora Borealis Photo - purchase aurora prints by Alaskan photographer Jack Finch.
  • Macromedia - get Macromedia Flash Player free
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